Marlboro Music Festival:

Beethoven Septet and Brahms Clarinet Quintet 

“ The Beethoven [Septet] was finely nuanced and blessed with remarkable wind playing, especially that of Sarah Beaty, at thirty already a great master of the clarinet. She uses her tall, slender body in a remarkable way to control the phrasing and shading of her line. Apart from the captivating expressiveness of her playing, Beaty has an exceptionally strong musical personality, and this cannot help but make an impression on her fellow musicians.... I’ll long remember this as one of the finest performances of the Septet I’ve heard.

Knowing that Sarah Beaty would be back for one of the great works [Brahms Clarinet Quintet] in the clarinet repertoire put me in a keen state of anticipation, and I was not disappointed. Her control and expressivity were nothing short of astonishing in this deeply felt performance.... In the 1960’s we had to turn to the older generations for that sort of insight. Now we find it in a musician still in the early phase of her career, which should prove a brilliant one.”

The Berkshire Review, Michael Miller

Marlboro on Tour:

Mozart Clarinet Quintet 

“... Her body swayed with the music, but the tones were mellow, the phrasing even, the technique self- assured. The operative word, though, is “natural”. Ms. Beaty didn’t deliver the music as much as let the music be delivered, without fuss or undue delicacy.”, Harry Rolnick

“As for that Mozart clarinet quintet, it featured the best instrumental performance of the evening in clarinetist Sarah Beaty.... Beaty had a consistent and pure tone, controlled and never forced, shaped immaculately into beautiful phrases.”

Ionart, Charles Downey

Ensemble ACJW:

David Bruce Gumboots

“... Beaty was fabulous in a brilliantly virtuosic part that required a lot of flair and style.”

Daily Gazette, Geraldine Freedman

Ensemble ACJW:

Zhou Taigu Rhyme

“... the rhapsodic clarinet part, played with aplomb by Sarah Beaty.”

New York Times, Vivian Schweitzer

Marlboro Music Festival:

Spohr German Songs

“... songs for tenor, clarinet, and piano by Spohr, which were notable mostly for the superb playing of clarinetist Sarah Beaty.”

Boston Globe, David Weininger